Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enough is Enough

Recent revelations including the Pentagon’s use of retired military officers as spokesmen for the war that they personally profited from, the Congressional report that the administration absolutely lied to the American people and to Congress to push us into war with Iraq, the new book by former Press Secretary Scott McClellen which documents the fact that Bush himself had a hand in the outing of a covert agent of the CIA and now the report “Broken Laws, Broken Lives” on medical evidence of torture by the US conclusively proving that the United States government used torture on detainees, have fused to form an unassailable case for impeaching both Bush and Cheney. The only thing preventing impeachment and continuing to protect the President and Vice President is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

There are others in Congress who were elected by Democratic majorities in their home states who now represent the Republican agenda through the miracle of corporate munificence. These Blue Dog “Democrats” are so in name only and are ruinous to the Progressive core of our Party, but this treacherous faction of Democrats are merely cheerleaders for the Speaker and her refusal to do her job. Pelosi alone holds the key to success or failure for any legislation regarding impeachment and she has long ago stated that the option was off the table. By itself that statement should be grounds for her removal from office, if only we had that option, but together with her knowledge and approval of Bush’s torture program it makes her an accomplice to his crime.

The citizens of this country can no longer wait for action by its elected officials and have begun to initiate necessary actions on their own. The Massachusetts School of Law is planning the necessary steps to pursue the guilty members of the Bush administration for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Individual across the nation have taken steps to force local governments to acknowledge Bush and Cheney as criminals and even seek to arrest them if found within their jurisdiction. Internationally, Bush administration officials, CIA officers and others connected to this administration past and present, are being sought to answer for crimes conducted against their citizens and against humanity.

It is no longer permissible for Speaker Pelosi to run interference for Bush and company without herself being held criminally complicit. She has no legal foundation for not beginning the process of impeachment by sponsoring and prioritizing Rep. Kucinich’s articles of impeachment. It is similarly imperative that the United States government get out in front on the prosecution of this administration that is sure to take the spot light on the world stage once Bush leaves office and the US rejoins the International Criminal Court Treaty.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


An uprising is exactly what this country needs if this war is ever to end. David Sirota's new book does a great job in outlining what an uprising is, how it applies in our current situation and the mentality and attitude required of the participants. Specifically, the unapologetic demands required by the grass roots movement to convince incumbents of the need for their compliance with the citizen majority instead of their usual capitulation to the corporate special interests that rule their worlds.

Here in Connecticut there is a particular sensitivity and lingering blemish on the souls of Democratic voters who have been bitterly disappointed by the junior Senator, Joe Lieberman. His deception of his loyal supporters, alliance with Karl Rove and other extremists on the Right, embrace of Republican cross-over voters, and total relinquishment of his integrity in support of George Bush's Iraq war, have culminated in a tangible hatred of the once trusted official. Lieberman exudes indifference towards his (former) supporters while displaying an attitude of incontestable rectitude about his worldview which includes continued and continuing war in the Middle East. Couple this with his shameless and transparent support and constant companionship to the only surviving war advocate candidate and Connecticut voters have every right to distrust and despise the Senator.

In spite of this, Senator Lieberman Chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees at the pleasure of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Chairmanship posts are highly regarded positions normally awarded to respected Party members with seniority status. Of course, Lieberman renounced his Party membership when the Connecticut Democratic Party elected Ned Lamont in the Primaries in 2006, so Lieberman ran on the CFL (Connecticut For Lieberman) Party ticket and lost his seniority and position within the Democratic Party. Why has Harry Reid passed over loyal current Party members to award the Committee Chairmanship to a defector?

As much as we have focused attention on repugnant Republicans and their scandalous actions in this administration, as well as the last, we need to also recognize those Democrats who have shamed themselves and our Party and make them uncomfortably aware of our displeasure. This includes the votes by Connecticut Representatives to condemn for expressing a Constitutionally protected opinion, which was both fair and correct, regarding the report by General Petraeus to Congress. Most of these individuals accepted campaign donations of thousands of dollars and other support from MoveOn, yet they voted to condemn a statement questioning the accuracy of the report to Congress by an unapologetic partisan of the administration which, frankly, paled in comparison to much of the rhetoric heard from the Republicans both in venom and dishonesty. Where is the apology due to MoveOn by Murphy, DeLauro, Larson and Courtney?

If an Uprising is at hand, let's get our own house in order before we take on the world.