Monday, October 24, 2005

Democracy Fights Back

Throughout the Bush administration tenure an unceasing assault has been conducted against democracy. Starting with September 11th, 2001, Bush and the Neoconservatives have taken advantage of Americans' insecurities to restrict and/or eliminate freedoms previously taken for granted. A non-stop onslaught fought on cable news networks against "Terrorism" has been used to keep people in fear of future attacks so that Constitutional liberties could be restricted with little complaint.

A central and important weapon used by the administration to accomplish this has been the unprecedented secrecy in government. It has been routinely reported in the news that the Bush White House is the most secretive in history. This has been a crucial strategy in limiting access to information about government activities and enabling power to go unchecked at the upper levels. The result has been heightened immunity enjoyed by the administration and an increased belief that there was little they could not get away with.

However, the investigation into the outing of CIA agent Vallerie Plame has put one large dent in their suit of armor. It is not only the outstanding investigative job being conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald and his team, it is also the interest and encouragement of the American people for justice that has played a large part in the success of his efforts. It is the concern by the majority of the people in this country that the liberties, for which many fought and died, are being jeopardized by a cabal of unpatriotic, class conscience, profit hungry corporatists who have never and would never perform the duties for their country that they expect from everyone else.

The American spirit that has been wrongly called upon by Bush and company to support its self-serving agenda, has been stirred to action instead to salvage Democracy from the grips of the Neoconservative zealots. It has taken several egregious acts by those who consider themselves above the law to spur the more complacent among us to action, however that is what appears to be happening. Although the unrepentant wing-nut contingent has taken to railing against Fitzgerald, accusing him of criminalizing politics, more folks are following the investigation with an open mind and a willingness to hold people responsible for their actions.

This is the Democratic spirit that first brought this nation into existence, which sought to throw off the reins controlled by another George, and the spirit that will not allow the country of the American people to be turned over to a few extremely privileged and power hungry tyrants.

George W may have just presented us with his single redeeming feature. He has successfully presented the country the best possible reason to get rid of him.