Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dodd's Stand

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid are complicit in the crimes perpetrated against the American public, POWs, and the world by the Bush administration. They both had adequate information about crimes that had taken place when they were elected to their positions, but chose to do nothing about them. With each additional revelation of torture, spying, etc. they become more culpable for their inaction.

Reid and Pelosi accuse Bush of incompetence nearly every day, but it is they who are incompetent for allowing Bush and his criminal administration to continue their assault on the American Constitution. It is they who have avoided bringing articles of impeachment against this President by claiming that doing so would distract Congress from the need to correct the problems brought about by Bush and the previous Republican majority. This colossally dim-witted strategy is akin to rebuilding a house that is still on fire. Without removing the cause of the problem any corrective actions are destined to be wasted.

The act of introducing articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney would have enormous positive effects. Bush would have to defend himself at every appearance and consider the impact his future actions might have on his defense. Congress, or at least the remaining Democrats who still believe their job is protecting the Constitution, would find it easier to discuss the crimes this administration has carried out. Certainly, the Bush toadies at Fox noise can be counted on to cloud the issue and defend the President, but impeachment will attract the attention of the actual news media.

Impeaching this President and his Vice President is a no brainer. Bush has already admitted to illegally using the NSA to spy on American citizens without a warrant. This is a CRIME! He can and should be impeached for committing a crime when he was aware that it was a crime and ordered it to be done regardless. Instead, Pelosi and Reid are entertaining the idea of allowing legislation to be introduce that would retroactively exonerate not only the President but the Telecommunication corporations that willingly participated and acquired lucrative government contracts for doing so.

Senator Chris Dodd has taken a stand against this treasonous act by his fellow members in Congress. Dodd will filibuster to prevent this legislative turd from seeing the light of day. His demonstration of true leadership has caused the rest of the Democratic field of Presidential contenders to make their positions known instead of issuing non-committal statements meant solely to avoid hurting their chances of gaining the nomination.

Moreover, Dodd’s action demonstrates his awareness of voter’s expectation of candidates in today’s political arena. For years voters have received politically expedient answers and sound bite substance. Senator Dodd is raising the bar by boldly standing against the administration’s attempt to sanction criminal activity, both their own and that of the Telecommunication industry. This is the type of purposeful action voters need to see after years of Bush lies and denials as well as Democratic threats and accusations that never amount to anything.

Senator Dodd deserves our support and gratitude for his courageous stand against Bush, the NSA, the Telecoms and much of Congress.