Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Get Real

It's about time that we stop the charade, the pretense of politeness we have been following for the purpose of political correctness and just start to "call 'em as we see 'em?" Primarily, I'm referring to the completely disingenuous description of George W. as anything other than a complete idiot. I am so tired of hearing congress and the media giving him credit for being a savvy politician, or brilliant statesman. Even Democrats followed suit to show deference to the Commander in Chief, but we can now dispense with this sham. The man is a total shit-head who, left to his own devices, couldn't make an informed decision about anything.

That leads us to his other claim that he surrounds himself with smart people with whom he can consult when making these hard decisions. That would mean he is surrounded by Karl Rove, a truly discomforting image.

What about Dick Cheney, you ask? - Dubya consults his Dick when the weighty decision involves energy; otherwise Dick is left to Halliburton hand jobs, vulgar attacks on opponents and trying not to die in case Bush's brain Terri Schiavos from lack of use and the facade of power falls to him.

How about Don Rumsfeld? - Not even Dubya will take seriously anything from the anally retentive chicken hawk who famously said "What we know, what we know we don't know, what we don't know we know..." or something like that.

Alright, Colin Powell? - Had Powell been allowed any input within his first year as Sec. State it could have been useful. But, since his presentation to the UN after swilling the kool-aid he has nothing of interest for Dubya & Co.

What about Condi? - Right! Ms. Rice is, in fact Dr. Rice, a learned professional from the halls of academia who pulled herself up from humble beginnings to achieve the pinnacle of her profession. However, she has effectively overcome this drawback within the Bush administration by prostituting her principles and propagating lies and misinformation in furtherance of the Iraqi war.

No, the pin-head in charge gets his marching orders from Rove who works the deals with the captains of industry who pay unknown costs in campaign funding, confidential access, favors and other considerations for the privilege of enacting their own legislation.

No one of sound mind really believes that our nation is being run by this inarticulate, mentally challenged, mouth-breathing, Darwinian throw-back. The difficult thing to believe is that the American public has tolerated the deception foisted on them by the Neo-Conservative Reichstag without rising up in armed rebellion. Instead, we are witness to the effectiveness of their continuing efforts to pare away individual freedoms by focusing on patriotism, a diversionary tactic used by most of the world's worst dictators.

It is more likely that Dubya is the modern day Lee Harvey Oswald, the infamous patsy set up to take the wrap for the conspirators behind the Kennedy assassination. Dubya is being used in much the same way since he will be the focus of the ire and discontent of the public if the ongoing coup upon democracy fails and the Neo-cons are not able to sweep it away entirely to be replaced by the fascism they so revere. If the international community demands charges be brought against the United States for war crimes and crimes against humanity, whom do you suppose they will want to answer those charges. Of course, the rest of the world hates Cheney and Rumsfeld, but it will be Bush they will want in the hot seat.

In the end, if justice is to be served and democracy saved, Dubya will have to answer for his actions even though he was just following orders. Halliburton and other contractors who raped the government and abused the Iraqis will most likely get a slap on the wrist. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Powell, etc. will be seen as lesser figures deserving of lesser penalties, leaving dumb-ass Dubya as the main villain. And then won't he regret his lack of sympathy for the execution of the mentally challenged?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Memo

I add my voice to the rising tide of discontent with the Main Stream Media for the abrogation of their duty to inform the public in regards to the “Downing Street Memo.” However, that is only part of the issue. An even greater concern to the public is the lack of action by Congress, now all aware of the memo and, more importantly, its evidentiary value as proof the Bush administration committed crimes against humanity. Why has no legislation been introduced in the House demanding accountability? Ms. Johnson! Mr. Simmons! Mr. Shays! Taking no action in the face of this information is nothing less than condoning Bush’s crime, and it approaches complicity if any foreknowledge exists.

The majority party in Congress spent eight years and $80 million investigating Clinton for any whiff of impropriety and found nothing until Clinton did himself in with an act of adultery and the lies that followed, but nothing that rose to the level of crimes Republicans accused him of. Now, with one of their own in power, the Republicans block any investigation of similar and far graver accusations against Bush, choosing partisanship over justice.

To avoid being partisan myself, let me ask what action Democrats have taken to bring this situation into national focus. No legislation has come from their side of the aisle either. Of course, our outstanding congresswoman, Rosa DeLauro, has stepped forward and signed Rep. John Conyers’ letter to President Bush demanding answers about the memo. But John Larson’s signature was not one of the 89 courageous, patriotic representatives. Why not?

Senator Chris Dodd has been vocal and visible on Bush’s failings and needs to continue in these efforts, but he also should be concentrating much of his effort on this issue as well. As for Lieberman, well let’s just say that he surrendered his Democratic credentials when he sided with the administration and against the people of this country. The Downing Street Memo severely damages Joe’s support for the Iraq war and for Bush.

For those reading this who are not aware of the Downing Street Memo, please see the opening sentence of this article. There is little awareness because the media in the U.S. has not covered the story while every other major nation has.

Please consider adding your signature to Mr. Conyers letter found on his web log. Let’s get the answers we deserve.